Call For Speakers

This is a time of unprecedented change in payments.  We welcome proposals from industry experts that will challenge and motivate attendee thinking towards next step action. If you have a message that will positively impact our attendees, we are calling on you to submit your proposal today.  The deadline for submitting presentation proposals is May 1, 2019.


Solutions 2019 Presentation Proposal


Please complete and return the proposal form along with any supporting documents to Gai Craig at gcraig@paymentsfirst.org.

If sending multiple session proposals, a separate proposal form must be submitted for each session. 

If multiple speakers for the session, each speaker needs complete a separate form.


Presentations must be 1 hour in length and must be payments related in order to qualify for payment certification credits (AAP, APRP, NCP, CCP, CTP, etc.)

*Note: Presentations may not be a sales pitch to promote your company, services or products